Friday, November 03, 2006

Reception of Proof....A Testimonial

At 29 I was reborn but spent three weeks in incubation.
I was moving, breathing, feeling, even though I was not fully alive.
When I was finally reborn after my developing weeks,
I was suddenly claimed, my adoption sealed.
My eyes were closed, yet I could clearly see,
Like a baby who lays eyes upon it's mother for the very first time,
I saw who re-birthed me.
The claim and the love were severe and instantaneous.
At 29 I opened my mouth, I took my first breath, said words I'd never before heard,
And like all who come to life, I cried.

composed: 11-3-05


Blogger Freshe Look said...

I love your poetry! Keep it comin'! Can't wait for you to add more.

7:26 AM  
Blogger BluJewel said...

interesting...your composition is intruiging

1:55 PM  

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